Hype and Slippers/Gather'Round


Bristol is a place I have been curious about visiting over the last year so I decided to look into its creative businesses. 

Hype & Slippers really stood out to me I think because of their quite lighthearted, simple and illustrative approach to design. Their work really fits in with the sort of stuff I like/try to create, and I feel like a small independent studio like this would be somewhere I would enjoy working.

Later returning to their website, I realised they have now completely rebranded themselves and kind of upped their game. They are now called 'Gather'Round'. 

I think this change may be down to the ever-growing demand from clients of 'strategy-based' creative businesses and 'branding' - people want something that can dig much deeper than trivial 'design' or 'decoration'. 

Although the company has changed slightly I still feel as though it is somewhere I would like to visit and find out more about. 

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