Duke Studio Visit 

Duke Studios is an open collaborative space in the City Centre of Leeds. With a company motto of people first, business second, Duke is not your usual work space provider. Based around a Coworking model, Duke Studios provides a range of workspaces, creative services and facilities.

My cousin has now quit his job at Elmwood and started up on his own, renting out a space in Duke Studio, Leeds. Duke has always been somewhere that has intrigued me and I've always wanted to see what it was like in there so saw this as a perfect opportunity. 

It was great to see how all these different creative business can share on big space and work alongside each other. I really liked how they have put together all these makeshift studios- quite a unique and cool place to grow a company. 

I also got chance to briefly chat with some of the design companies that reside in Duke - Hungry Sandwich Club again, Passport who also used to attend LCA, Mighty and Rabbit Hole. 

I could genuinely see myself working somewhere like this - whether with one of the existing companies or even as my own boss. Couldn't think of anything more exiting than having my own area like this and calling it my work place. Definitely somewhere to consider in  the future. 

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