Presentation 1. 

Below is my start of year presentation which identifies my manifesto at the time and my plan for 3rd year. 

I felt this was quite thorough as I had spent a good couple of weeks stressing to put it together and thinking about what I wanted to say and do, so to be told that it was 'disappointing' after presenting it was a nice big knock to my confidence and a bit of shit start to the year.

Looking back on it afterwards though I did realise why this might have been said. All of the briefs I had written focused on made up things that involved not stepping into the real world. I realised I needed to be going out of my way and achieving things, not just spending my final year responding to briefs for companies that don't exist or events that have already happened. As well as this, my COP topic was very rocky and needed much more of a focus. I decided that I must re-evaluate my plan for the year. 

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