On the 20th March I attended the opening night of Drew Millward's new exhibition at Colours May Vary. 

I have been following Drew's work for the past couple of years and absolutely love it. He has such a unique style and is probably one of the most notable illustrators in Leeds. 

Hey look its me 

It was crazy to see how well a turn out Drew got, and the fact people were queuing outside the door to buy his work must have meant he went home a very happy little man. 

The event inspired me so much and has made me really really want to do something similar of my own one day - obviously when my practice has improved and I have gained somewhat of a following - but one day it will happen. One day! 

Unfortunately I did not get chance to chat with Drew as I think every other person there was trying to as well, but I did get introduced to the Hungry Sandwich Club, the up an coming duo who graduated from our course last year. 

I found it really good to have a talk with Andy and Martin, partly because they had just come from being in the same shoes I am in now, and also because it turns out they are not as confident as you'd expect. I have always had problems with confidence, especially when it comes to this industry and being a 'professional'. Meeting these guys who have their own business/are working in the industry, and realising they aren't on that much of a higher level than me, made me feel much better and relaxed about the whole situation and the future. It was kind of a confidence booster in itself. 

I also saw one of the guys from 'Design Something More', who had recently set a live brief for us at college, and it was nice to know that they couldn't give two shits about talking to you when they are not getting payed for it. 

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